#Jeffries Special Soil

Design Water-Smart Garden with Jeffries. 

Not all soils were created equal. Special Soil is a blend of Jeffries Organic Compost and quality Sandy Loam. Jeffries Special Soil is perfect as a topsoil for new and existing garden beds and underneath roll-out turf. It also weighs LESS than Sandy Loam providing you with more product and reduced project costs. 


  • Water Savings. Jeffries Special Soil has the capacity to store more water in the soil. Increasing your soil’s water holding capacity can reduce plant stress due to heat and evaporation during warm/hot periods.
  • Healthy Soil. Healthy Plants. Providing a consistent and even blend of ingredients including sandy loam, washed sand and Jeffries Organic Compost. Jeffries Special Soil provides a range of organic nutrients that promote plant growth and healthy soil structure. 

  • Reduced Costs. Due to improved soil structure, Jeffries special soil weighs less than Sandy Loam so you get 30% more when you order the same amount. 


For the area 10m x 25m at 100mm depth, you will only need to order 30 tonnes of Jeffries Special Soil instead of 43 tonnes of Sandy Loam. 

Here are the calculations: 

* Price based on generic trade rate.  

CERTIFICATION Certified Australian Standard — Soils for landscaping and garden use - AS4419